How To Start Designing Sunglass Frames And Other Consumer Eyewear

There are several key steps to start designing sunglass frames and other consumer eyewear products. Starting a custom sunglass line has become a popular avenue for many fashion-savvy entrepreneurs. The sunglass market is forecasted to generate over $20 Billion in 2022. In fact, the entire industry is currently worth well over $140 Billion. With continuous growth and business potential, there has never been a better time to start designing sunglass frames, lenses, and other consumer goods. This way, you can be your own boss, do what you love, and become an authority in the fashion world. To get started now, read on to learn how to start designing sunglass frames and other consumer eyewear.

Get Some Inspiration

Before you can actually start manufacturing, you’ll need to get some inspiration for sunglass frames design. Make up mood boards, create visual collages, and organize design documents. You want to fabricates tons of visual elements that help you envision artistic, inspired, stylistic, and expressive designs. You should also stay involved in the fashion world as much as possible. Try and attend networking events, fashion line releases, and other design business trade shows. This will help you stay up with the latest trends, colors, concepts, and styles in the industry. Plus, you’ll get to collaborate with other creative minds on new original ideas. Certainly, get some inspiration to help you start designing sunglass frames in 2022.

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Install Sunglass Design Software

As you start to gather some original ideas and concepts, install a reputable sunglass frames design software. Consult with your graphic design team to choose a software that offers superior functionality, enterprise-grade security, and seamless accessibility. Once installed, these solutions will allow you to start experimenting with all different sorts of design ideas. Be sure to test out different frame sizes, shapes, and stylistic layouts. You can even use your software to see how different materials would look – such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, or nickel. Indeed, install sunglass frames design software to create high-quality fashion products in 2022.

Learn The Manufacturing Process

Next, you want to learn the sunglass frames design and manufacturing process inside and out. Learn all the different proficient manufacturing process principles used in the fashion space. The process begins by testing and finalizing different frame designs. Once these designs are approved, the frames can be assembled. Before moving on, they’ll be checked for color, quality, and strength. Then, the temples can be manufactured and added on. With the frames and temples are complete, the lenses can be inserted. Unless you are creating prescription glasses, you’ll likely be able to manufacture and install the lenses totally in-house. Surely, learn the manufacturing process to start designing and producing sunglass frames and other commercial eyewear.

Choose A Production Method

Now that you clearly understand the process, you are ready to choose a sunglass frames production method. If you want to maintain full control over product quality, manufacturing, and distribution, you’ll need to build your own production facility. You may even need multiple factories, along with separate factories – depending on your scalability goals. Of course, this is too expensive for many startup fashion designers. That’s why outsourcing production to an external production facility is a fairly common choice. Or, you can skip production entirely. After all, many entrepreneurs simply sell their frame designs directly to well-established fashion companies.

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Build Your First Prototype

Before you start mass producing, build out an initial prototype. There’s a number of great ways to build a protype for your initial frames design. You can use CAD manufacturing, 3D printing, or simply by making a small initial product batch. In most cases, 3D printing is the quickest, most resourceful, and least expensive option. With this, you can facilitate rapid prototype, minimize waste, and streamline ease-of-access. Ultimately, it’s a great way to generate durable, lightweight, and realistic products quickly. Definitely, building your first prototype is an essential step for successful sunglass design and manufacturing.

There’s a few key steps to start designing sunglass frames and other consumer eyewear goods. First and foremost, get some inspiration for your design. It helps to attend relevant events, create vision boards, and meet business mentors. Then, install a reputable frames design software. Next, master the manufacturing process to learn exactly what is required. Once you’ve done so, you can start thinking about your preferred production method. Afterwards, you are officially ready to build your first prototype. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to start designing sunglass frames and other consumer eyewear.