How To Outsource Helpdesk 24/7 Support For Small Business

There are several important steps to properly outsource 24/7 helpdesk support for small business. Over the years, outsourced IT support has been a proven alternative for companies with limited in-house operations. Of course, there are some specific caveats to keep in mind when outsourcing services for the first time. After all, business owners are essentially putting their customer service and support into the hands of a complete stranger. With the proper steps, you’ll be able to avoid any adverse effects to your business operations, productivity, performance, or bottom line. To get started now, read on to learn how to outsource helpdesk 24/7 support for small business.

Define Helpdesk Scope Of Work

Before you can hire an outsourced support company, define the scope of work at your 24/7 helpdesk. During this stage, clearly outline your service expectations, support goals, and customer experience standards. Most of the time, businesses prepare formal service level agreements (SLAs) that specify required speeds-to-answer, call abandonment scores, and issue resolution rates. When you write business contracts, you can enable all the necessary legal protections for your organization. This gives you actionable metrics into your outsourced vendors’ continued performance. Surely, clearly define and outline the scope of work for your 24/7 outsourced helpdesk.

Interview Prospective Vendors

Once you have a shortlist of outsourced helpdesk services, you can interview some of your top vendors. You want to hire outsourced helpdesk representatives that are expert in numerous communication channels. Ideally, customers should be able to reach your helpdesk through email, phone, instant messaging, or social media networks. Some advanced providers will additionally offer a client portal and case tracking system – where customers can easily submit tickets. If everything here checks out, vet your outsourced vendor based on their spoken languages. If you plan on servicing global customers, you want to hire a help desk vendor that knows English, Polish, Spanish, German, Arabic, and French. Absolutely, interview prospective vendors when hiring a 24/7 outsourced helpdesk for your small business.

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Discuss Scalability Needs

Prior to signing an outsource helpdesk contract, discuss scalability needs with your prospective vendor. As your business continues to grow, you want helpdesk support that can grow with you. Ensure outsourced vendors can expand their capabilities to support your scaling business operations. Make sure they understand the long-term vision and goals for your company. To track their efficiency, it may help to set up key performance indicators (KPIs) and business sales metrics. Indeed, discuss scalability needs when choosing a prospective outsourced helpdesk company.

Train For Quality And Consistency

After hiring an outsourced helpdesk business you are confident, focus on training their representatives for quality and consistency. Think of this as an introductory onboarding process for your new customer service representatives. During this process, it helps to speak directly with whoever will be answering the phone. This way, you can assure they understand your company culture, target audience, customer persona, and company-wide quality standards. Definitely, take time to train your 24/7 outsourced helpdesk company in quality and consistency.

Create And Run A Post-Support Survey

After you have scalable 24/7 outsourced helpdesk support, create and run a post-support survey for your customers. You should offer callers a brief survey following every interaction with helpdesk representatives. On this questionnaire, you can ask about your customers’ satisfaction levels, recommended suggestions, or any constructive comments. You should also ask if support representatives were able to clearly resolve their issue. Plus, find out if the problem was corrected in a timely manner. If you receive lots of negative results, you’ll want to contact your outsourced provider immediately. Certainly, create and run a post-support survey for your outsourced operations.

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There are several key steps to properly outsource 24/7 helpdesk support at your small business. First and foremost, define your outsourcing goals, as well as the scope of work for your helpdesk. Next, create a shortlist and start interviewing potential vendors. During this step, remember job interview questions, strategies, and fundamentals. Once you’ve done so, take some time to discuss your scalability needs. At this point, it is time to start training your team for consistency and quality. Now, you are ready to create and administer a post-support survey. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to outsource helpdesk 24/7 support for small business.