5 Virtual Leadership Games For Remote Teams On Zoom

There are several virtual leadership games for remote teams on Zoom. Without effective remote leaders, online teams can quickly lose productivity. For example, communication can breakdown and cause teams to miss deadlines. When this happens, companies may face lower customer retention. Simultaneously, employee morale can decrease as well. As a business owner, you need to know the most effective virtual leadership activities for remote companies. This way, you can keep your employees connected, boost collaboration, and continue to solve problems. Read on to learn about some of the best virtual leadership games for remote teams on Zoom.

Rose And Thorn Icebreaker

First, the rose and thorn icebreaker is one of the best virtual leadership games to try on Zoom. For this, you can break your team into small breakout rooms of 4-6 people. Then, have each employee share their rose or something that makes them feel positive. For example, one employee might talk about how they’re happy they got an event partner to sign on with the company. Additionally, they should share a thorn or challenge they are facing. This could be something non-work related such as learning to balance their social life with work obligations. Allow about 1 minute per person in the small groups. Then, you can reconvene and open a larger discussion. Ideally, this activity should encourage business communication models so employees can work more efficiently in online settings. Absolutely, try the rose and thorn icebreaker virtual leadership game in your company.

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Spot The Difference

Next, you can also play spot the difference online leadership games with your team. For this activity, match your team members up in pairs. Next, send them out into Zoom breakout rooms. Here, you should give them about 5 minutes to discuss a topic of their choice. For instance, they can talk about favorite movies, books, or music. After the time is up, both partners should turn off their cameras and change a few characteristics of their background. This might include moving a picture or changing a hairstyle. Once your team makes the changes, they can turn their cameras back on. Then, each employee can try to spot what their coworker changed. Notably, this encourages key leadership skills like communication and attention to detail. In short, play spot the difference leadership games on Zoom with your team.

Virtual Escape Room

In addition, a virtual escape room is another one of the best online leadership games for remote teams. With this activity, your employees are put into a fictitious scenario. Then, they have to solve a series of themed challenges and puzzles to escape the imaginary room. For example, they may need to solve a crime, find a treasure, or stop a fake threat within 45 minutes. Commonly, these take place in castles, space stations, or old Victorian homes. To get started with your escape room, consider downloading a game pack and guide. Or, create your own scenario for your company. With teams working together to achieve business goals, this can improve communication and decision-making. Definitely, try a virtual escape room leadership game on Zoom for your team.

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Team Trivia

Moreover, you can also play trivia leadership games with your remote team. To make your game, use an online software to input different question and answer options. Ideally, these should highlight your team members’ personal interests. For example, you might ask, “How many siblings does Carly have?” Of course, you can also ask fun questions such as employees’ favorite and least favorite foods. This is great to see how much your team knows about each other. Plus, you can open up mini conversations after each question to get to know the members on your team. By bringing your employees closer together, you can encourage bonding and facilitate collaboration. Undoubtedly, try trivia leadership games online with your Zoom team.

Learning Circles

Furthermore, learning circles are another great virtual leadership game to play with your remote team. Split your company into groups of 4-5 people. Then, allow them to choose a topic they want to learn more about. For example, software engineers might research getting started with Java, SQL or Python programming. Each month, bring your small groups together over a Zoom video conference to discuss a book or article related to that topic. Of course, you can also invite small groups to give a presentation on the topic to the rest of the organization. Usually, it only takes about half an hour. Plus, you can use the research to expand your company’s horizons and keep up with major industry trends. Certainly, set up learning circles for your virtual leadership games.

There are several virtual leadership games for remote teams on Zoom. First, you can try the rose and thorn icebreaker to bring employees closer together. Next, spot the difference is another great activity to build communication and observation. In addition, escape rooms are perfect to facilitate problem solving in your company. Moreover, play team trivia to get to know everyone on the team. Furthermore, learning circles allow you to keep up with top trends in your industry. Consider these points to learn about the best virtual leadership games for remote teams on Zoom.

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