5 Online B2C Order Fulfillment For eCommerce Services

There are several great services for online B2C eCommerce order fulfillment. Fulfillment is a major barrier for entrepreneurs looking to open their own eCommerce retail shop. Dealing with shipping, warehousing, small business inventory tracking, and customer fulfillment can seem impossible. Fortunately, you have numerous options to help get your products into the customers’ hands. With these different fulfillment channels, you’ll save time, money, and valuable business resources. Plus, you can focus on more central, mission-critical business responsibilities. To get started now, read on to learn about the top online B2C order fulfillment for eCommerce services.

In-House Fulfillment

Also known as self-fulfillment for eCommerce B2C orders, many business owners opt to keep everything in house. Keep warehousing, shipping, packaging, and distributing all in your own control. With self-fulfillment channels, you’ll usually send out packages through your local postal services. Or, you can always hire a private courier. With this approach, you can establish strong branding, keep costs low, and build trust with your customer base. Of course, choosing this method usually means you’ll need a warehouse facility, along with a full-time staff. Surely, in-house fulfillment is a great avenue for B2C online eCommerce order fulfillment.


In recent years, dropshipping has become another popular online B2C eCommerce order fulfillment service. Dropshipping is a unique method where you actually don’t have to keep any inventory in stock. Instead, you just sell orders, then pass the sales information on to your dropshipping vendor. They’ll handle the packaging, shipping, and distribution to the final customer. Of course, this is a great method if you are searching for lower startup, inventory management, and scalability costs. Also, you can use dropshipping on nearly every type of product offering – making it a great choice for nearly every eCommerce business type. Indeed, many eCommerce shop owners are choosing dropshipping eCommerce fulfillment services.

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Logistical Partner

Or, you can always partner with a third-party logistics vendor for B2C eCommerce online order fulfillment. A private logistics partner will take on the entire inventory management, product packaging, shipping, and distribution process for you. It is essentially the exact opposite of self-fulfillment channels. In short, you’ll be entrusting all of your logistical operations to a third-party partner. Similar to dropshipping, this means you won’t need to keep any actual inventory in stock. Plus, you can take advantage of your vendors’ process knowledge, vast transportation fleet, and product storage options. This helps streamline the process of moving goods from the point or origin to consumption. Absolutely, a logistical partner is a great option for B2C eCommerce online order fulfillment.

International Fulfillment

There are also specific eCommerce B2C order fulfillment options for businesses that sell internationally. If you sell a lot to overseas countries like Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, this option will almost always be best. You want to partner with an experienced vendor that can easily and affordably meet global shipping needs. Most international fulfillment providers offer reputable services for delivery tracking, order management, and customs processing. Plus, you can deliver products with impressive, internationally-known distribution networks. Certainly, international fulfillment is a great online B2C order fulfillment service for eCommerce business owners.

Amazon FBA

If you are selling on Amazon, FBA programs are another great eCommerce B2C order fulfillment option. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows eCommerce shops to outsource time-consuming logistical responsibilities to train, experienced Amazon experts. You sent products to established Amazon fulfillment channels whenever a sale is processed. Then, their logistical experts will pick, pack, ship, track, and manage orders on your behalf. They’ll also provide supportive customer service for any returns that are sent back. Definitely, fulfilled by Amazon programs are a great way to ship and distribute your online B2C eCommerce orders.

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There are several convenient online B2C order fulfillment eCommerce services to consider for your retail shop. If you do not want to sacrifice control, consider keeping everything in-house with self-fulfillment. Or, you can work with an eCommerce dropshipping business. Another great option is to partner with a third-party logistics vendor. If your business primarily sells internationally, consider hiring a global distribution specialist. Additionally, you can work with FBA programs to simplify fulfillment on well-known eCommerce platforms. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the top online B2C order fulfillment for eCommerce services.